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Shadowline Masonry

Picture hanging rail for plasterboard and masonry walls

Whether starting a new-build or planning a renovation, this fully-integrated ceiling rail system is sleek and professional, leaving walls clean and free from damage. Available to use with either masonry walls or plasterboard walls and ceiling panels, this system disappears into the ceiling, creating a subtle shadowline effect. Used in conjunction with 1mm nylon hangers, this is our most discreet hanging system yet.

  • Shadowline Masonry
  • Shadowline Masonry
  • Shadowline Masonry
  • FLEXIBLE hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily
  • NOT VISIBLE the picture hanging system is fully integrated
  • PRESERVATION OF WALLS no more damaged walls
  • SHADOWLINE the wires hang directly from the ceiling

Installation Video


  • Comes in 250cm lengths.
  • For use with Masonry walls.
  • Built-in. Installed at the same time as a recessed ceiling.
  • Disappears into the shadowline created between the wall and ceiling panels.