How much should you pay for an artwork?

How much should you pay for an artwork?

You’re an independent home owner with a penchant for the finer things – but what about your pocket, is it big enough? If you consider art your passion, you must be aware of how hard you have to work, as hard as the artists themselves, in order to be able to afford what you love.
You have a home, you have a special wall and you have the perfect theme in mind – all you need now, is the perfect art. If you’ve found yourself in a bit of a conundrum, don’t fret – here, you can go through the following points in order to ease your mind about your next big purchase. 

Invest in what you love.

You know how you do what you love? In the same vein, long term investments like these should also be things you absolutely adore. Have you had your eye on this particular piece for a while now? Has it been on your wish list? Well then, treat yourself! But wait – does it go with everything else that you’ve worked so hard towards perfecting? Do you like how it would potentially look in the spot you’ve selected for it? Do you love how it goes with your current décor?

If the answer to most of these questions is in the affirmative, head on over to the next point of consideration.

Discuss your  interests with those involved in the Art Scene.

Don’t be afraid to discuss your likes and dislikes with professional artists an those there at the galleries you frequent. They know more than you are let on, and their experience as well as their expert opinions offer great help in case you are in need of advice. This advice can range from the price you are paying, how much you should pay and can even border on getting their opinion on the aesthetic you wish for it to embody.


Accept the  fact that the best price isn’t always the lowest price, and vice versa.

Before you buy art, it is necessary to consider if it is an investment or not. The best price can never be the lowest price – you get what you pay for. Plan out your budget, how much the art means to you as an investment, keepsake or a memory. Does it have the potential to be valuable in the future? Is the artist you are patronising on a upward rise? If you believe these to be true, you ought to go ahead with your investment.  Be obsessed with the best quality of art, and only go for the best. Nothing should be second rate. A half thought out investment is as good as no investment in your purchase.


Explore all of your possibilities.



Art can be found anywhere – and especially in today’s day and age, even online. There exist multiple online art galleries. Having art this close to you helps with deciding what looks good and where. However, if you have already decided what you want and where you want it, it doesn’t hurt to support your local art scene by shopping online, or in smaller, independent art stores or cafe’s that double up as a gallery. Online galleries present you with the unique opportunity of shopping through smaller artists, a well as to sift through may more reasonably priced pieces, effectively introducing you to new artists and photographers, some of whom you might just grow to like intently.

Art comes in different forms.


Talking about art, it must be noted that art exists in different forms, and each have their own budgeted range and impact. Most of it is needed to suit your own desirability, or what you have a penchant for – photographs, oils, water colours, posters – and even in this mix there exists a number of other branches. So keep your mind open to the possibilities and always trust your instinct. Often, you can even exchange high art for smaller options, like prints of quotes or photography you hold close to your hear – all it has to do is match with what your heard wants, as well as what your budget can put up with.

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