Cityscape aims to set record for region’s largest indoor use of brand art

Cityscape Global has also scored a first this year by taking its brand art to the outdoors

A piece of original art in a room can make a statement and command attention like nothing else in that space can.

‘Brand art’ works in the same way, but is applied specifically to the business environment, to enhance a brand and communicate a company message.

Given the impact of brand art – and then taking it a step further – the region’s largest, and arguably most influential, real estate event, Cityscape Global, has incorporated its specially-commissioned brand art as the main component of its Cityscape re-branding for this year’s event, and in doing so, is aiming to set a record for the largest indoor space in the Middle East to employ brand art.

Explaining the reasoning behind the decision to use original art to re-brand this year’s event, Ian O’Malley, Cityscape Marketing Director said: “We believe that innovation is truly the cog that keeps a company churning, but all too often we see the same tedious stock images used for various brands and campaigns and this does not reflect our aim of positioning Cityscape as a premier brand and setting ourselves apart.

“Using original artwork enables us to establish a strong brand identity, connect with a wider audience and illustrates our dedication to our brand, our visitors and our exhibitors.”

Taking brand art to the outdoors

Cityscape Global has also scored a first this year by taking its brand art to the outdoors. Commissioned by Dubai-based brand art firm, ‘Propriartary,’ themselves the innovators behind the brand art concept, some of Dubai’s largest advertising billboards and hoardings are prominently displaying Cityscape’s proprietary art in its advertising within the UAE.

Phil Davis, CEO of Propriartary commented: “The original art we create is proprietary to each company or brand. This means that, for the first time, a piece of art is associated with a brand and communicates something about the company.

“This is a very significant innovation in the concept of branding, because there is something about original art that shows quality of thinking, attention to detail and a very real desire to provide a best-in-class offering. Cityscape is making a clear statement through its use of art that these elements are at the heart of what they stand for.

“I am delighted that this world-class brand will be setting another record for the UAE in using original art to brand to celebrate the city’s iconic architecture its event at Dubai’s World Trade Centre.”

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